What Can Be Done?


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released May 2, 2015

Pat - Vox
Casey - Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vox

Mixed and Mastered by Dylan Tasch at Midley Grange Recording



all rights reserved


MISHAP Doylestown, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Rattle the Bars
Awoken everyday into this world that I despise
Those around me pushing for a shallow taste of power
Fighting for the ones that manufacture our demise
I'm staring in to see behind the veil from which they cower
Green yields to gray, stone yields to steel
Those opposing progress are crushed under their heel
We will stop at nothing until we choke out the sun
Yeah, you've heard this shit, but what can be done?
We can rattle the bars [x3]

And now I'm pacing like an animal who's yearning to be free
Consumed by the belief that I alone can see this world die
I look around and realize this can't be all on me
It's a part of human nature to continue asking why
I can barely believe how far we've come
And I can barely believe how far we have to go
You can't stop us now
But it's a race against time when the best of our kind just barely
Rattle the bars
It's not enough, it's just not enough that
We can rattle the bars
But it's the place we start, to break these chains apart
We can scream our vision so loud we shake the prison

In a world where stone yields to steel
Never be content with the strength of your will
The only true power is the one in your mind
And in the people who stand by you till the day that you die
We are the ones gazing out of the cage, when these bars won't break no matter how great the rage
We forge our heaven inside this hell, it's the rise of our power from within this cell
Combined strength
So one day
These bars might break
Track Name: Helping Hand
Never gonna let it fade, deep inside I know this is our fate.
All the things we left behind, help us find what’s inside, now I’m reading your fucking mind
We won’t let you fall back down, you’ll always have a helping hand when we’re around
We’ll stand together, never fall apart, tight like cement, it’s time to start!

If I look out for you, will you look out for me?
We’ll stand side by side, just wait and see
Throw away the past, and if you want the truth
We’re the Straight Edge Youth

Never underestimate the Straight Edge Youth
Track Name: Fallen on Deaf Ears
I can't believe you still believe it will change
Yea the package is different but the product’s the same
You won't believe it yet you struggle in vain
Cause money screams so our words fall on deaf ears

Civil discourse is a pipe dream,
Morons bleating views out of ego and fear
And a change of mind is admitting defeat
Because pride is their king and so our words fall on deaf ears

I detest this
And I'll resist it
If they won't hear us
Then make em feel us

40 years of ruined lives from victimless crimes
No Change!
60 years of endless war never touching our shores
No Change!
Constant debt, constant fear, living to turn wheels
You've heard this all before.
There's only one way to win this game
And that's not to play
This is not the end of the fight
But there's another way
Track Name: Unite
Everybody that isn't shit unite

Most people let you down so you learn to walk alone
Atomized and neutralized you can't see beyond these walls of stone
But don't think for a minute no one else sees madness reign
You gotta stick together just to weather the mundane

False promises misguide you down paths you’d never take
A sense of independence and freedom is at stake
Tied down to a culture that breeds ignorance and shame
There’s more to this life than blindly playing the game

Everybody that isn't shit unite
Everybody that isn't shit unite

In this dark world
To find the will to survive
We stand together
Or we'll be buried alive

But to the honorless
And to droneing minds
I will defy you
Until the day that I die

In this cold life
To find the will to survive
We fight together
A force that can't be denied

And to the strugglers
And those burning inside
This is your calling
The time for us to unite
Track Name: Can't Keep Us Down
Born in a cage, spitting up rage but you should have known that you can never contain
With lies and distractions, crippling inaction, or cheapskate escapes just to numb the pain
I said it before and I’ll say it again I said I wanna change it all well there’s no change of plans
Everytime you fall, remember this vow, remember yourself screaming “you can’t keep us down!”

Now look me in the eyes and say “there’s no point in trying.”
My mind says there’s no chance but i'm still clinging on to hope, it’s an instinct of survival that there’s no use denying
Let’s light this world on fire
For our inner strength it’s a beacon of hope, for our every weakness it’s a funeral pyre

If you're stuck, you can’t believe,
or just aren’t sure where to start then you’re a lot like me
But if here and now we can make the connection
Do what we can where we are then we can fight the infection.
Track Name: Losing Your Mind
Your surroundings are tearing you apart
I thought you were stronger and smart
You're not the same person that I knew years ago
We've lost you, now you have nothing to show

Try to put me down to displace your fear
Deep down inside, you wish that you weren't here
I've opened my eyes, I won't hold back this time
You're a waste of life, you're fucking losing your mind

What happened to the kid who used to be at all the shows?
Your life has changed so fast and now your attitude blows
The only thing you're proud of is that thing around your neck
You may think you're making friends but you just look like a dick

Try to put me down to displace your fear
Deep down inside, you wish that you weren't here
I've opened my eyes, I won't hold back this time
You're a waste of life, you're fucking losing your mind

You fucking lost your mind.
You are a waste of life.
Track Name: Don't Step On My Toes
Don't step on my toes.
Track Name: Downhill
Drown yourself with poison
Fade out of existence
Put the blame on us
When you make your own decisions
We call it like we see it
Your time is running thin
You denied our help again
And now you're crippled within

When the world turns its back, you won't make a sound
Downhill, no will
Leech of this world, finally nowhere to be found
Downhill, no will

Came back out of nowhere
Tried to start again
After all you did to us
You still said that we're friends
You promised us you changed
No more pills or flasks
But when you're caught in the act
Rip off your fucking mask

And now the world has turned it's back, and you're nothing but a soul
Downhill, no will.
Destroyed and bitter, lying lifeless in a hole.
Downhill, no will.

Rip off your fucking mask.
Track Name: Workohol
You're grinding your life away you shred it with pride
A slave to your schedule with no time to ask why
Your mommy always told you, invoked some creeper in the sky
Work hard so you can work, and keep on working 'till you die

So you get home way too late and you turn on your tv
Watching ads for shit you don't need but want others to see
And the big gang's propaganda telling you they're going green
And you're too washed out and fed up to give a thought to what it means

Slow the fuck down!
I don't have time to think!

Yeah, you think you're so much better than the ones who have time
But your hard earned gains wind up in organized crime
You might scoff at the junkies in the prisons and the streets
But you're addicted to workohol and you’re barely on your feet

They said that time would help this problem but that's clearly now a lie
I'm looking back on the ages, and see the hours multiply
The forests fall the rivers drain before our very eyes
To feed the fires of industry we're blackening the skies

You tell me that i'm lazy and I say you're just a fool
If you weren't afraid of dreaming then you'd probably think so too
I understand, we work to live but you go far beyond
This is far from what you need, because you worship work as God


Get outta that suit
It don't mean success
All your wealth bought is false friends
And not an ounce of rest
And by the time you see your waste
You're gonna wise up far too late
Track Name: Here's Hoping
Once upon a time...it seems so far away already
There was another state of mind, a world more kind, a world less blind
A world that I called mine, a childhood dream that died inside
I can’t believe that it was me looking at the world with those bright eyes
How can It be, barely 18 wide eyes closed, sore and world weary
What can I believe? The question drops me to my knees
But then I remember, my center, my passions, my power, my friends, my family
The future threatens these, cause we're losing the battle, or so it seems

Well here’s hoping I’m wrong

As we struggle to our feet, grappling with the hell inside us
The ship is sinking, the world is burning, some guy on stage is spilling his guts
Some have grown numb, some full of fear, some disconnect and hold nothing dear
How can I bring up this ship when I can’t even sort through my own shit?
What are we to do? Efforts spread in all directions
Now we're fighting ourselves, fighting the world, fighting the each other, fighting the power, fighting the fight itself...and still nothing changes, right? Am I right..

Well here’s hoping I’m wrong
I’m wrong

I told you once there’s nothing out there for me
Well here’s hoping I’m wrong
I told you once the truth we’ll never see
Well here’s hoping I’m wrong
I told you once the winter never turns to spring
Well here’s hoping I’m wrong
I told you once I never cared about a thing
I was wrong